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We dream of a world where society and nature both thrive. We build a collective of experts to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs have positive impact on nature and society.

Solving social challenges through entrepreneurship

It's the core of what Generous Minds stands for. Since we started Generous Minds we helped a lot of brands, foundations and good causes on their impact adventure. Either with expertise of our Minds or with Money to get them to the next level of doing good.











An integration of worlds that are usually separate. Experienced consultants and impact investors join forces in a unique and equal way. Boots on the ground and money in your pocket.

We are a proud B-corp ​​ with a 122.0 score

Our generous story

In 2008, Ronald Beuk noticed that an increasing number of people in a wide variety of positions wanted to contribute to a better world. However, as individuals they are unable to accumulate sufficient power to bring about change. 


First established as a consultancy, Generous Minds has evolved into a Covestment Cooperation in Good Business, in which the strengths of entrepreneurs, investors and consultants merge into a single entity, with a focus on social and environmental impact. All Minds are owners of the cooperation and the cumulation of their individual effort determine the amount of shares. The ambition is to be the driving force behind 'the new success' of the 21st century.

Together with

The move towards greater social impact is paramount to us. We only work on propositions that will actually help society forward. Below you find a selection of our impact businesses relations.







Our partners 

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