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Our collective of Minds and Money helps  purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create positive impact on nature and society.

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product service
Brand, mkt. &
growth strategy

Since we started Generous Minds in 2013 we helped a lot of social enterprises, foundations and good causes on their impact adventure. Either with expertise of our Minds or with Money from Integrated Capital Lab to get them to the next level of doing good. An integration of worlds that are usually separate. Experienced experts and impact investors join forces in a unique, equal and entrepreneurial way. Contact us for boots on the ground and money in your pocket.

Grow your business and make more impact 

Your challenges


We can help you with the following challenges to get you to  the next level of doing good.

Product design,
development & engineering 
Generous Minds experts
Good Business 
Generous Money Financers
€ 14.885.000
€ 61.135.000
Financing in progress

Our clients

We presented our pitches to the Generous Minds network, which led to interesting reflections about product-market combinations, risks and market opportunities. This helps one – as entrepreneur – to think even more about the product, but it also helps to increase trust in the effects of social return and economic viability. For C3 Living this led to the desired funding that we are currently working out.

Peter Broekmans, director Rendiz BV

For me, the nice thing about Generous Minds is that in each phase of our development we have easy access to specialists. While at the start of our working relationship, we were especially looking for help with our strategic reorientation, this changed from help with branding, to marketing and to legal questions. Each time different involved minds with one similarity: specialist on the specific piece that we needed with speedy and good availability.

Martin van Baekel, 
directeur/aandeelhouder Big Move

Generous Minds supports us with the right knowledge and vision to further develop our concept. The link with the experienced minds put us on the right track to bring our company to the next level

Suzanne Smulders of Lena
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