Circular boots for Dunlop

Dunlop is the global leader in the market of boots. With high quality products Dunlop offers specialized protective footwear in all segments of the market ranging from the food industry to farming and building and construction. 

Dunlop aims to be a Triple-P company and therefore takes the Sustainable Development Goals seriously. As the largest manufacturer of boots they have a responsibility to show leadership in this industry. Short term, every boot that Dunlop makes is there to protect people. But in the long run everything they do should also protect our planet.

Role Generous Minds

The Generous Minds help Dunlop to make the transition from a linear business, in which boots end up in landfill or are incinerated, to a 100% circular operation. Together with the Dunlop team a clear vision for a circular future was developed. Through a detailed life cycle analyses the main variables were identified that influence key performance indicators like carbon footprint. In close cooperation with the entire value chain, solutions projects are set up that will lead to solutions for boots and business models that last.

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