Environmental friendly laundry with Seepje

Seepje: a powerful detergent, packaged naturally, in an innovative and environmentally friendly way. It is made from the peels of the Sapindus Mukorossi fruit, that naturally contain soap. By adding a number of ingredients to this, a powerful detergent is created that takes care of your laundry in a natural way and gives something back to the environment and the Nepalese society.​

Social impact

The fruit grows on trees in Nepal and by paying a fair price those trees are preserved. The production of Seepje largely takes place in Nepal. The brand thus creates jobs and supports the local economy. Because Seepje is made entirely from natural ingredients and contains no phosphates, groundwater stays clean.

Phase of the company

Seepje is in the upscaling phase and has recently raised 300,000 Euros in a crowd sourcing campaign at One Planet Crowd for expanding the product range with a dish washing detergent.

Role Generous Minds

Seepje had an acute problem after the pilot phase because the existing packaging caused major logistical and production-technical problems. In addition, the packaging consisted of a combination of materials that are difficult to separate and involved an unnecessary CO2 footprint because the very voluminous packaging was delivered empty from the United States.

Generous Minds, together with the entrepreneurs, exposed the most important points for attention for brand and packaging. The new packaging solution that came out of this, reduces CO2 emissions through local production and an extremely compact design, so that minimal storage space is taken during transport. The raw material used for the new packaging is 100% post-consumer HDPE waste (old milk bottles). So no new raw materials are used for production.

Thanks to the new bottle, Seepje has successfully sold its products on a large scale at the largest retailer in the Netherlands. The new bottle has also resulted in lower costs and more efficient production.

Specific role of Generous Minds and cooperation partners:

  • Generous Minds: review positionering en visie & strategie verpakking
  • FLEX/design: Ontwikkeling, design en engineering van de verpakkingen
  • Helder Groen: ontwikkeling oorspronkelijke Seepje merktaal


Seepje is growing fast. Sales of detergents continue to rise. Recently, an all-purpose cleaner has also been successfully launched and major steps have been taken with the development of the detergent and its packaging. You can buy Seepje in the Netherlands at Albert Heijn, among others.

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Seepje heeft een Red Dot Award in de categorie Packaging Design gewonnen voor hun verpakkingsontwerp. De jury van de internationale en toonaangevende wedstrijd beoordeelde dit jaar 8.600 aanmeldingen.