Facilitating teachers in giving the best education

Malmberg develops learning methods for primary, secondary and higher education and offers these through digital learning platforms and books. Malmberg believes that education provides a basis for a good future and believes in teachers as a guide to a promising future.

Education is in the DNA of Malmberg. It is a challenging field that is always evolving. The mission is to support teachers so that they can provide the best education. And students get the best out of themselves. As a teacher you make the difference; you are a role model, a coach, inspire students and help them on their way to a successful future. And that is a challenge every day.

That is why 300 enthusiastic colleagues work at Malmberg on high-quality learning methods and practical support. They think from daily situations and there is a lot of contact with schools. Because if you know what is going on in education, then you know what you can do to help schools. At Malmberg, they think along with you about the challenges there are, about what you need to get the best out of yourself. Together they work on the solutions of today and tomorrow.

Generous Minds helps Malmberg with positioning and marketing & communication around new products.

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