​Waste2Wear is being introduced by Vision Textiles, a prosperous business in China founded by a Dutch entrepreneur with a large network and a great reputation in the textile sector. Waste2Wear transforms plastic waste into thread, fabric and end products. These products are high-quality, meet all safety and sustainability demands and the entire value chain is monitored. 


Waste2Wear strives to give new life to at least 80 million bottles a year in order to prevent them from ending up in our oceans and doing harm to our environment.

Strict monitoring of the whole production chain ensures no social or environmental problems can occur: good working conditions are a precondition. 

Generous Minds’ role

Generous Minds became involved with Waste2Wear when the organization was looking for financing to realize its growth ambitions. Together with the entrepreneur we optimized the existing business plan and discussed various forms of financing.

A number of options within the networks of Vision Textiles and Generous Minds are being explored. Also, various Generous Minds experts are involved in brand strategy, developing customer concepts, production chain control and impact measurements, and in reinforcing the internal organization. 


We believe that Waste2Wear is on the eve of a revolution in the textiles sector. The foundation has been laid. This is the beginning of a long-term relationship in which we strive to grow together with the entrepreneur. 




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