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A growing number of entrepreneurs, financiers and experts want to use their business, capital and knowledge to make the world more beautiful. At the same time there is a lack of cooperation between these key actors and investments tend to be risk-averse. Too few companies are considered financially viable and a lot of potential social impact is lost.

Generous Minds (& Money) strengthens and brings cohesion in a new impact driven ecosystem. We connect entrepreneurs with a growing network of impact financiers. Central in our approach is maximization of societal impact by connecting the right propositions to the right financiers at the right moment.​

Long-term relationships

We challenge and prepare entrepreneurs to be investment ready. And we help entrepreneurs with our expertise to reach the next level and the needed follow-up investment. This way we build long-term relationships between the key actors boosting societal impact.  

Integrated Capital Network​

A good example of our way of working is the Integrated Capital Network (ICN). This is a growing group of impact financiers who meet monthly in an Integrated Capital Lab (ICL). Central are entrepreneurs who need financing and knowledge to take their business to the next phase. Generous Minds works together with the Impact Hub Amsterdam in the Integrated Capital Lab.

ICN currently consists of the following parties: Stichting DOEN, One Planet Crowd, SI2 Fund, Heroes & Friends, ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund, ABN AMRO Sustainable Finance Desk, Triodos Bank, Rabobank Foundation, Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland, Gemeente Amsterdam, Impact Hub Amsterdam and Generous Minds. 

Read the press release about the launch of the Integrated Capital Network. Read here more about the Integrated Capital Network.

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