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Why Integrated Capital Network & Labs?

The demand for impact products and services is increasing. There is a growing number of entrepreneurs, financiers and experts who want to use their capital, enterprise and / or knowledge to make the world more beautiful in an entrepreneurial way. There are ideas and initiatives about "Integrated Capital" in which capital and knowledge are deployed in a coordinated manner to support impact driven entrepreneurs. However, it is still a relatively young idea and still under development, with most players still often looking at the possibilities from their own (pro) position and preconditions. Due to the lack of cooperation and risk-averse behaviour of entrepreneurs, financiers and experts, too few companies are considered financially viable and a lot of potential social impact is lost.

How did the Integrated Network & Labs come about?

In co-creation with impact players, a start was made in 2017 to give hands to the idea of ​​'Integrated Capital', in order to bring impact players together in practice and to let them work together in every life phase of the  Social Enterpise. As a result, risks are decreased  and more social impact is achieved in a sustainable manner.

The integrated Capital Lab (ICL) and Network (ICN) has developed - from 2017 up to 2019  to the satisfaction of participating entrepreneurs and financiers - into a sustainable and scalable proposition and 'blueprint', which was officially launched on 29 May 2019 . Step by step it is scaled up to, for example to multiple Sustainable Development areas.

What is the Integrated Capital Network & Labs?

The ICN is a growing group of impact financiers who meet every month on the last Thursday of the month in a so-called "Integrated Capital Lab" (ICL). During this 1.5-hour ICL, a screened Social Entrepreneur, who has the desire to be supported through capital knowledge and network to the next phase (s), is central. The impact financiers represent a focus on different growth phases of the social enterprise and, as a result, have different types of financial resources at their disposal to support, such as donations, loans and equity. With the common knowledge at the table, it is assessed whether and how the promising social entrepreneur can be supported, with what amounts and which blend of financial products. Now and in the future.

After a positive ICL, a follow-up session takes place two weeks later.  In this meeting the interested financiers, together with the entrepreneur, further specify the financing intentions and contours, and discuss the tailor-made process with which they expect to arrive at the desired financing. In addition, an inventory is made of the relevant expertise needed to support the entrepreneur as well as  the opportunities of the common network offers for stakeholder introductions that increase the chances of the entrepreneur's success.

What is the advantage of Integrated Capital Network & Labs?

Through the use of the ICN and the periodic running of the ICLs, the early collaboration of impact financiers and experts and ongoing support for social entrepreneurs reduces entrepreneurial risk and increases the chance of more social impact and a good financial return.

By means of a fixed process and approach, the ICL is prepared, directed and followed up by experienced and trusted ICL facilitators, so that the time of all participants is spent efficiently and the ICLs lead to the intended financing and support.

Where and when do the Integrated Capital Labs take place?

  • The ICLs take place in the Impact Hub Amsterdam as a central location in the Netherlands.
  • The ICLs take place monthly on the fourth Thursday of the month:
  • The selected social enterprise will be at the center from 14.00-15.30.
  • From 3.30 pm to 5 pm a shortlist of cases brought in by the Impact financiers will be discussed and a selection made of 1 or more cases that will be central to the coming ICLs.

Who are the organizations behind the Integrated Capital Network?

ICN/ICL is an initiative of Generous Minds, Impact Hub Amsterdam and the Municipality of Amsterdam, organically started from the North Holland region, with an initial focus on Dutch social enterprises with impact in the Netherlands. It is being developed step by step into a national proposition and network, and from  SDG-wide to specific SDG areas.

Who are the participants in the Integrated Capital Network?​

ICN currently consists of the following parties: Stichting DOEN, One Planet Crowd, SI2 Fund, Heroes & Friends, ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund, ABN AMRO Sustainable Finance Desk, Triodos Bank, Rabobank Foundation, Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland, Gemeente Amsterdam, Impact Hub Amsterdam and Generous Minds.

What does participation in an Integrated Capital Lab cost?

For social entrepreneurs, participation in an ICL amounts to an average of 1,000 euros excluding VAT. The exact amount is determined in consultation, based on our fair-pricing principles. This concerns the intake, preparation, participation in the ICL and introductions to required impact experts and relevant stakeholders.​

What entrepreneurs say about the Integrated Capital Lab

  • “The ICN has ensured that we have access to a very high-quality network of social financiers that fit in well with our vision. We are currently in advanced discussions with various parties that we know either directly through the Integrated Capital Lab or through the network.” - Jari Hazelebach, CEO & Founder SpeakSee
  • “The ICN has guided C3 Living during the phase from incubator to market entry. At C3 Living it has finally led to the desired funding that is currently being worked out.” - Peter Broekmans, Director of Rendiz BV

How can I participate in an Integrated Capital Lab?

  • Social entrepreneurs who are interested in participating in an ICL are requested to request the Entrepreneurs fact sheet via info@integratedcapital.network and to provide it with the requested information and e-mail it back. After this, contact is made and the process of possible participation is discussed. Data is treated confidentially.
  • Impact financiers who are interested in participating in the ICN are requested to request the Financiers fact sheet via info@integratedcapital.network and to provide this with the requested information and  e-mail it back. After this, contact is made and the process of possible participation is discussed. Data is treated confidentially.

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