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Huib Maaskant

Creative Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Content Creator.

What I do

I create brands and value propositions to take sustainable business ideas to market.

How I help customers

As a creative brand strategist, creative manager and writer I ‘put floating ideas on the ground’. Meaning: I turn dreams into a solid brand position, name, tone-of-voice, product design strategy and communications approach.

Number of sample deliverables

- Competition Analysis
- Creative Brand Strategy
- Brand Name
- Proposition/Promise
- Brand Story
- Identity (collaboration with art and design)
- Product Development Guides
- Communication (campaigns, content)

Example customers

KLM, Good Rootz, PAX, Volvo, NPO


About me

I founded one of the first digital creative agencies in NL, Qi, back in 1997. After moving on in 2003 I have always worked as an independent contractor with a few short exceptions. So you could say I have been an entrepreneur for about 25 years.

Companies are usually stuck in the clutter and don’t know which way to go forward. There are too many moving parts on the table. They have been running around in circles for some time. What is the right way to go? What does it mean if we go this way or that way? How do we become relevant, cool and outstanding? And a dozen more questions like these.

I provide them with an honest opinion and a clear choice. I help paint a picture of what their brand is like, what that means in terms of product development and how that builds resonance with consumers. I hand them a framework to bounce decisions off. 

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