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Jan Willem Elffers

Head hunter for impact-driven organizations

What I do

I (we!) support the client in bringing in leadership in any area

How I help customers

As an executive search consultant at Search4Better, I ensure that impact-driven organizations can grow faster by finding them those people who best fit the phase in which the organization finds itself

Number of sample deliverables

- The right person with best suited personal leadership at the right organization
- Awareness of image in the job market and how to move appropriately to bring in top performers
- Faster growth

Example customers

Nextkidney, Parkinson NL, Triodos, UTZ, Epyon, De Onderlingen, Barry Callebaut, Hersenstichting, Hartstichting, Steunfonds Laatste Wil


About me

With extensive experience in assembling and leading teams for corporates and more than 20 years of working experience as a headhunter, Jan Willem knows exactly what it takes to find the right person for the job. His knowledge of personal (serving / authentic) leadership and of organizations give him the extra baggage that makes clients so satisfied. Jan Willem quickly understands the structure and direction of an organization and where the gaps and opportunities lie. He can therefore advise how the vacant role can be adapted to match with the demands of the job market.
Some key words I get back in evaluations with clients: Shifts quickly with/for the client. Connection. Social Heart. Servant Leadership. Critical. Truly listens. He penetrates and dares to name things (undercurrent), but always in a respectful way. Humor. Senior in executive search and leadership. Sees what is needed. Mediator by nature.

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