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Jos van der Meulen

Strategic Business Mentor / Coach

What I do

I am a pragmatic business coach assisting/coaching C-level of Startups with all business elements they will encounter when growing their company.

How I help customers

I offer my expertise gained over 28 years of which the last 15 years as entrepreneur building a company from less then 10 to over 150 people is size. So my expertise offered is really from practical experience.

Number of sample deliverables

- Market Entry Plan
- Company Analysis
- Competitive Analysis
- Growth Strategy
- Define Product Positioning
- Pitch Deck Creation Support
- Leadership Development
- Performance Management Coaching

Example customers

eSIMGo, cloudnumbering


About me

I have a commercial background having worked in sales for over 28 years. I had multiple sales roles in different sectors ranging from radio automation, mobile telecom, streaming media (startup company) and working for an European ISP provider. The last 15 years I was entrepreneur and co-owner of the company

Aexus’ mission is to help young technology companies find their way to market and become more successful. Aexus’ assist with such things as positioning, market-entry consulting, recruitment, direct sales, channel development, inbound marketing and digital marketing. The company operates in Europe, the United States and Asia with seven offices and 150 employees with 23 different nationalities.

Together with my co-owner I built Aexus from boutique level (8 consultants) to a middle sized company with 150 employees having a global footprint. I sold my shared late 2022 and stepped out
completely. Since then I focus on strategic advice/mentoring for start and scale up companies.

Main focus areas here are;

• Personal coaching of C-level.
• Development of company strategy and international scaling.
• Defining the commercial processes

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