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Luc de Vries

Financial Expert and Strategist

What I do

I guide entrepreneurs to achieve their growth ambitions. Navigating the world of investors and securing funding successfully can be very tricky. I help them with that.

How I help customers

Often growth ambitions costs money. I can help entrepreneurs by beginning to get clear what their growth ambitions are, and more importantly, why. When we establish this, we can make a beginning with drafting the timeline to get to their ambition. With a clear timeline, it’s then necessary to build a comprehensive financial model to see what their growth ambition is going to cost, but most importantly, what it is going to deliver for their company and its stakeholders.

Number of sample deliverables

- Inside in their ambitions and translating this to a sound and elaborate financial model.
- Drafting an information memorandum
- Drafting a long list and then short list of investors.
- Guiding the funding process.
- Guiding the negotiations and legal documents.
- Guiding implementation phase + looking forward to the next milestone and funding round.

Example customers

Rembrandt, HomeQgo


About me

For over two years, I have worked hard at building my own start up within the vertical farming sector. Together with a team of eventually 8 people, we worked day and night to develop a state-of-the-art indoor farming system. As CEO/CFO, I was responsible for the organization in general, with a special focus on overseeing hardware development, securing funding and developing general strategy. We achieved several huge milestones: secured over EUR 1,5M in funding, hiring 8 full time employees and finished the build and operated our demo farm for over a year. Sadly, mainly due to the surge in electricity prices during our series A funding of EUR 5M, we had to pull the plug on the entire operation in oktober 2022.

My passion is working in an entrepreneurial setting with other entrepreneurs. Especially focused on the bigger picture, my financial knowledge can contribute significantly to companies trying to grow their business. I get a tremendous amount of energy from working with often young but always innovative companies. I know the struggle of building something from the ground up and I have encountered myself how hard this is. Having the right people on your side is of the essence to succeed. I always hope to work with a lot of visionary founders. Something that gives me a lot of energy and joy. Helping them to build a slightly better version of our world is what I’m here for.

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