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Plamen Ivanov

Fundraising Advisor and Startup Mentor

What I do

I guide founders on the journey from getting investor ready to closing successful deals.

How I help customers

Getting to investment readiness (goals setting, round structure, financial modeling, impact measurement, materials and data organization..) and providing on-going fundraising support (researching and identifying suitable investors, matchmaking and warm introductions, facilitating the interaction, DD process and term-sheet assessment..). As well as unlocking the founder potential and the blockages that stops him/her from achieving their goals.

Number of sample deliverables

- Investment Documents guidance
(Business Plan, Financial Model..)
- Fundraising materials assessment
(Pitch deck, Executive Summary..)
- Fundraising round definition
(size, valuation..)
- Investor lists
(VCs, CVCs, Syndicates..)
- Funding opportunities
(accelerators and programs..)

Example customers

NOLD, Carbominer, TechNovator,


About me

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2016 after quitting my corporate job. After joining several startup programs and entrepreneurial courses and exploring different ideas, I started working on my social impact travel startup - a B2B marketplace back in 2018, which is what brought me back to my home country, Bulgaria. The startup didn’t succeed, as I committed many mistakes, including not being able to build the right team around it, but above all, because of not raising the necessary amount of funding to scale the solution and increase the market reach. I employed the knowledge and business network acquired in the space to transition the business into a travel service/agency operation, a business that I now (2-3 years later) stepped down from, remaining currently in a consultant role.

I consider myself a generalist and given my curiosity and strong drive for impact, I’ve always been inspired by business that have social and environmental impact at the core of their business model. While I was preparing and gaining momentum to go for my next startup, I engaged casually in helping other startups in their daily struggles, realising how much joy and fulfilment this was bringing to me. Provided my variety of interests and lack of specialisation in one single industry,
I realised that the field of consulting - rather than getting into my next startup project - can be a suitable place to continue my career.

The core of my advisory/consultancy work now focuses on impact and climate-tech early-stage startups, helping them on their fundraising strategy and operations, a space I’ve been specialising on for the last 4+ years as a consequence of my own past mistakes.

Designed to empower startups to navigate the entire fundraising cycle, my advisory services focus on teaching and guiding founders through the process.

I deliver the above program to startups either on a 1-1 personalised format or in a group-workshops setup.
Beyond my startup advisory role within the domain of fundraising, I also provide mentorship services. I support early-stage founders in unlocking their potential, addressing challenges like customer acquisition, partnership development, founder relationships, and financial management. Through my mentorship, I utilize various tactics and tools like Force Field Analysis, Planning In Reverse, Transposing, and Mind Mapping. This personalized approach empowers founders to overcome hurdles and succeed in both their personal and professional entrepreneurial journey.

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