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Rose Marie van Leeuwen

Impact Strategist / Consultant with Experience in Growth

What I do

I advise and coach companies introducing impact strategy, workshops and operational support, who earn money by creating solutions for world problems, to learn, implement and experiment on how to innovate their business proposition to earn money by solving world problems.

How I help customers

The metaphor I like to use is that I am a guide on a volcano. You might find an app that shows you the route to the top of the volcano, but you might get sick because of the altitude, you might take the wrong exit or even forget your water along the way. You could do it by yourself, but I will be here to tell you what time you need to slow down, or to speed up regarding your team and product innovation.

Number of sample deliverables

- Impact Strategy & Operation
- Impact Discovery Report
- Growth Strategy
- Innovation Roadmap

Example customers

Fairbanks International Group


About me

I worked as an entrepreneur from 2018 till 2021. Both fulltime and part time. First I started the womenwear line with my, at that time partner, at our made to measure suit brand, called SKIKK tailoring. I made a pivot to L’atelier Radiance. A womenswear brand inspired by the many tailoring options offered in menswear. With radiance, there was a moment and place where you mindfully selected your fabrics and styling options to create the perfect blouse or suit. Unconscious also a moment to reflect on important business meetings and goals as a woman. Radiance didn’t work in big collections of ready to wear. She worked with ready to order. By this, she changed the way you buy and sell. She turned the traditional way of buying around so instead of buying based on our needs you’ll buy based on yours. The sales were starting but mainly organic. During this pivot I knew I needed more skills on growth, so I started the traineeship growth hacking.

Now freelancing as a consultant is “new” although I had some experience during my work at Sprints & Sneakers the past 3 years.

There is this difference between internal and external drive for positive change. I help both type of decision makers within companies to start with making a positive impact while using the process of Insights > Culture & Stakeholders > Direction > Making impact > Communication. I offer different impact programs, starting with a 1 month Impact Discovery, to 6 months and one year. The outcome of the first Discovery month is that we answer the question: What if we put impact on top of the agenda, how does it benefit the world ánd the organization? The outcomes of this question in the first month, will also answer the ability level of innovation. This is the starting point for innovation and positive change. Example of results of current client: experimenting with tech and impact driven service innovations to reduce their impact (company and client wide) and testing new propositions at the same time.

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