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Taking your business to the next level often involves the need for extra money. Let us introduce you to our growing money network.  



Taking a next step with your business (whether startup or scale-up) often involves the need for some extra money. We know you can’t wait to send your business plan to every possible investor or fund you know.  We connect you with a growing network of impact financiers. Central in our approach is maximisation of societal impact by connecting the right propositions to the right financiers at the right moment.


In this we treat your company as it was our own. We help you create a proposition we believe in ourself before we offer it to our growing money network.  


You'll come prepared!

You can only make a first impression once. And the impact investment world is often a small world. That’s why we help you get your act and plan together first. We have a Generous Minds  Covestment Method for that. To have all possible questions answered and create an awesome pitch-deck before you contact any potential money source. 

Integrated Capital Proposition (ICP) covers your all-time financial needs to grow

Instead of you approaching investors separately we have made it easy for you. We coordinate your growth and financial need in a clever way, through our unique Integrated Capital Proposition.

With your short and long term financing need at hand, we approach our group of impact financiers. Central is your proposition that needs financing and knowledge to take your impact and business to the next phase. Together with you and our financiers we coordinate and structure your short term and long-term needs. This way you won’t have to pitch for every stage of your company to different financiers because all current and future financiers are already aligned. So, you might first receive a fund from member X to test your prototype and if you succeed member Y is willing to finance your go to market.


Our Generous Money network with more than 250 members, nationally and internationally, grows day-by-day. Our Generous Money network consists of a variety of players, such as, impact-driven High Wealth Individuals, Family Offices, Investment Funds of the main Dutch banks, foreign and domestic professional stand-alone investment funds, crowdfunders, brokers/matchmakers, regional investment funds, and government-linked financing possibilities/funds. With all members we have informal relations which makes it easy to involve them and combine their access to various funds and financing means in an integrated way, now and in time. Through our unique Integrated Capital approach we finance cases with a success-rate that is above 80%. Inspiring cases like e.g. SpeakSee and Makers Unite, are financially closed in this way.

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