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Generous Minds' Ronald Beuk on Impact on Staged

October 9th marks the first Impact on Stage event, a series of inspiration sessions where each time 2 socially inspired entrepreneurs talk about a specific topic.

Hosted by Social Club Den Haag,  this first edition is about impact-driven entrepreneurs of which the speakers are : Ronald Beuk (Generous Minds) and Joep Langen (Koeckebackers).

Social Club Den Haag is a regional platform for social entrepreneurs. Sharing knowledge, co-creation and inspiration are guiding concepts see more on : http://www.socialclubdenhaag.nl/

Event info and link below:

This season there will be 4 editions of Impact on Stage. The first edition can not be anything other than the very beginning of 2 impact-driven entrepreneurs. We are very proud that we have managed to get two very inspiring speakers: Ronald Beuk (Generous Minds) and Joep Langen (Koeckebackers).

Joep Langen, Koeckebackers:
Yes, Joep Langen is coming to speak! He spoke earlier this year during NIMA Marketing Day and became the best-rated speaker of the event with a score of 9.1! Can not do otherwise with such an inspiring story in which he tells how he became a Koeckebacker of organizational psychologist in the energy sector . With Koeckebackers he gives young people at a distance to the labor market a sense of self-esteem and a chance for a better future. A lot of energy and a big smile guaranteed!

Ronald Beuk, Generous Minds:
From a top job at a well-known creative agency, to the genius behind the successful company Generous Minds. Generous Minds offers "money & minds" to impact-driven companies and helps them to be more successful. And not only that, Generous Minds is also certified as B Corps . Be surprised by their innovative social business model and vision on entrepreneurship. Ronald tells his life story as a raging, with a lot of energy and new information and is not afraid to share his failures with us. Beware: you will leave with flapping ears and take your own life and company under the microscope again ... And who knows what he can mean for you!