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Generous Minds starts walk-in consultations in The Hague

Societally relevant entrepreneurship is the future. Every day, innovations are put on the market that help society move forward. Generous Minds increases and accelerates the impact of this Good Business. We started off in Amsterdam and will now also be physically present in The Hague, in Apollo 14.

Generous Minds is a collective of Covestors: like-minded experts (marketing, financial, branding etc), entrepreneurs and investors. We develop and support entrepreneurs, from startups, SMEs and corporate companies with our proven Covestment method. Generous Minds provides both expertise and (access to) capital. The ultimate challenge for us is the transition from "minimizing your footprint" to "maximizing your Goodprint", exactly what Impact City in The Hague also stands for.


With our Covestment method our experts map out quickly what is needed to help entrepreneurs on the road to the maximization of their goodprint. Generous Minds then also offers the necessary support in expertise and access to capital. The intention is to enter into long-term relationships, to invest time and money in the companies we work with. Hence the term "Covestment".

Generous Money

Companies have different financing needs, depending on the stage they are in. Generous Minds hooks up several financiers from their network, based on the actual needs. These financiers often get proposals that are not (yet) suitable but are worthwhile in terms of their proposition. Generous Minds makes sure such cases are discussed jointly with financiers to increase the likelihood that the right type of financing will be matched to the needs of the company, in the short and longer term. Financiers, experts and entrepreneurs actually work together. We call that Generous Money.

MKB + on the road to 100% circular

For established companies Generous Minds has a special, scientifically developed offer, with which existing products are redefined and redeveloped on the road to 100% circular.

Impact City: Corporate Social Responsibility as a new standard

The Hague is fastly becoming an eco-system in which social entrepreneurs can make their dream come true. From start-up to stable growth and scaling up. Generous Minds (& Money) strengthens and can also bring coherence to this ecosystem. Together we are moving towards a near future in which Socially Relevant Entrepreneurship becomes the new standard.

Meet Generous Minds in The Hague

Interested to explore if Generous Minds can help your company? Take a look at the website, meet the minds and take a look at the cases. You can also meet during our walk-in consultation hours at Apollo14. In a first introductory meeting, we will then explore the mutual 'click' and interest, 'and we'll take it from there'. Talking about that, entrepreneurs who prefer to work in English: no problem, that is always possible.

We can’t wait to meet you!