The Waste Transformers

The Waste Transformers (TWT) transforms organic waste on-site into energy. They also recover all of the water and nutrients in the waste. This is done in modular, proprietary installations housed in shipping- containers, that make financial sense.

In a proposal they now invite investors to join in and to revolutionize the way we deal with waste globally. The Waste Transformers have a:

  • Proven, proprietary technology (patent application under consideration)
  • First orders, filled sales pipeline & clear sales strategy
  • Impressive partner network
  • Experienced Staff and Board
  • Domestic and international experience

The problem The Waste Transformers are addressing

  • Rates for commercial waste collection represent significant costs to small scale waste producers. 
  • Waste is seen as a burden.
  • It is seldom processed on- site but is transported over large distances with concomitant CO2 emissions.
  • A decentralized solution would offer new perspectives. 
  • Energy costs are volatile and are a negative influence on the bottom line (especially in emerging economies)
  • Many areas in the world experience water shortages
  • The waste market has been traditionally dominated by big players who operate as mega logistical machines
  • Organic waste is seldom treated as a resource and therefore nutrients in the waste are wasted.
  • Emerging economies do not always have the infrastructure to host large scale

A proven technology

  • Modular & scalable to adapt to the available waste stream(s)
  • Processing capacity of 600 –   / day
  • Proprietary technology
  • Full Anaerobic Digestion system (feed unit + CHP)
  • Housed in standardized shipping containers
  • Conversion of biogas to electricity, residual heat, recovered water & recovered nutrients
  • Compliance with strict EU health & safety rules
  • Plug & play
  • Healthy business case
  • Input ALL organic waste
  • 24/7 online monitoring
  • Low maintenance

Client benefits

  • Converting today's waste problems into revenue by producing clean, renewable energy on-site. Cutting disposal and treatment costs while opening a new opportunity for adding to the bottom line
  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Units protect against volatile and rising prices, providing long term energy security for up to 15 years.
  • Reducing and offsetting corporate emissions is increasingly important and enhances brand recognition

Socio-economic benefits

  • Alleviate energy poverty
  • Community engagement and local benefits
  • Job creation
  • Water recovery in drought stricken areas
  • Natural fertilizer generation (in area’s that often rely on imported chemical
  • fertilizers to grow their food)
  • Access to effective waste treatment
  • Health & sanitation benefits

Role Generous

Generous helps entrepreneurs that help reduce waste and innovate in waste recycling. The Waste Transformers have a unique solution in which waste is reduced as well as energie en nutrients are produced on-site.



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