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HACKED by__ redesigns a fashionable future

HACKED by__ develops, produces and sells contemporary fashion collections for men and women using residual materials, unsold and over-produced garments from the fashion industry as resource.

These discarded materials are up-cycled by designer Francisco van Benthum using deconstruction and collage techniques; removing, adding and mixing elements, so that they are transformed into up-to-date products with their own unique identity. These actions are clearly visible in the product and become part of the aesthetics.

HACKED by__ produces locally in the Netherlands in a fair and responsible manner with its network of (social) production partners.

HACKED by__ up-cycled items are sold through concept stores, boutiques, department stores and the HACKED by__ E-store.

HACKED by__ was originally founded in 2014 by designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum.

They have proven themselves as independently operating designers. For years they have been selling their collections in their own stores and other locations worldwide. They have also both collaborated with the industry. This combination of roles has been essential to the creation of HACKED by__.

Since 2020, HACKED by__ has been individually run by Francisco van Benthum.

Generous Minds experts and network support

In line with our philosophy we introduce our Generous Minds experts and network were relevant, joined forces to increase the chances of success and impact.

In this way HACKED by__ was one of the change-making inspring cases that were selected as a central case in one of our Integrated Capital Lab where we started our financing support and joined journey.

Besides that Generous Minds expert support has been focussed on business development by Petra Benes. Legal support on various aspects preparing HACKED by__ for it's next growth stage is given by our Generous Minds partner BvdV.

For an inspiring impression how HACKED by__ redesigns a fashionable future look the Fashion Week show beyond

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