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Aart van den Bos

International Innovative Agriculture Expert

'It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit' Harry S Truman

Wat ik doe

I train, advise, coach entrepreneurs, impact investors, NGO’s, governments in innovation in agricultural business amongst others through leading by example (setting up own companies)

Hoe ik klanten help

Clients that lack knowledge, experience and network in sustainable innovation, I help to retrieve insights on Climate Smart Agriculture and Regenerative Agriculture

Aantal deliverables

- Innovation scoping report
- Business plan / Feasibility report
- Insights on sustainable innovation by coaching sessions
- Access to Network
- Funding (Impact investors / grants)

Voorbeeld klanten

Salt Farm Texel, The Gambia Growth, NextGrid , Impact Booster , Local2Local , Bodemzicht , USAF , Partners4Water , Anti Malaria Drones, Invisible Foods


Over mij

Am passionate about my wife, children and I feel responsible for their future and future generations. I enjoy working with people from all over the world and learn from other cultures. Through my network I can connect many people & organisations to contribute to a more regenerative future. Generous Minds is an amazing collective of very bright people who have a similar objective in life. Am proud of the various innovative impactful companies that I established over time and all the companies that I could share my knowledge, experience with.
Being home or traveling with my family is very important to me. However, I also like soccer, scubadiving in beautiful places, playing golf or just hangout and drink a beer with friends are the things in life that I highly appreciate.

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