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Anna Dia Adriani

People & Operational Leader / PoGb

I help organisations create an environment in which their teams can do their best work in the most effective way. I do this by facilitating alignment on the long-term goals and putting the systems in place that are needed to reach them. I’m a generalist, comfortable across sectors and functionalities, and always focused on developing people throughout everything I do.

Joining the Generous Minds collective was an easy decision for me, as I believe that we need a systems change to be able to tackle the problems we face today. To get there, we have to collaborate and prioritise the people and companies that are willing to make a difference.

I’m down-to-earth, endlessly curious, and an advocate for social justice. Besides my work, I love to do all kinds of sports, of which kickboxing is my favourite and the main way I stay sane. Other than that, I love to read, travel and share great food with people I love.

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