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Bas Roelofs

Strategy & Business designer

Pure play lasts

Wat ik doe

I support business leaders to shape and realize value propositions that combine commercial potential with responsibility to the earth and her inhabitants

Hoe ik klanten help

Clients that want to deliver on their day to day kpis's, but also want to ensure to stay relevant towards he future I help develop value propositions that are desirable, feasible, viable and responsible

Aantal deliverables

- Overview of business case opportunities
- Circular economy trainings
- Design thinking trainings
- Scan of competencies (what can clients do themselves)
-Innovation roadmap
- Knowing what to do next (versus having a nice report that cannot be translated into action)

Voorbeeld klanten

Philips, Star-SHL, Masevon group, Accell,, SV group, Thule group, Brink Group, Circo, Stoov, Moog


Over mij

Bas is an industrial design engineer (TUDelft 1996) with almost 25 years experience in 'aiming 'innovation processes. The first 20 years in 3 manufacturing companies (Philips, Berg toys and Thule). Since 2015 as independant support to business leaders that want to alter their existing value proposition or develop completely new ones. Whilst sourcing suppliers and setting up multiple production lines in Asia in the early 00's, Bas witnessed the concequences of limitless consumption for our planet and decided to use his experience to help buidling good businesses in stead of simply putting more 'stuff' in the world. Bas is trainer for Circo and has joined forces with Generous minds since jan 2021.

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