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Waste Transformers, Anulife, Grwnxt, Innolane, Square11, MakersUnite, SolarDew

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Jean - Pierre Houtkoop

Subsidy advisor

I help companies finding and getting subsidies that help them finance their innovation projects. My focus is on technical innovation, energy, environment, international business and circular economy. I really get enthusiastic when I work on projects, that not only lead to new products or services but also make the world better.
Therefore I am happy to work as a GM: working on nice projects that promise to make the world better and collaborating with inspiring colleagues.

My wife Suzan and I have two children who, due to their study, do not live at home anymore. When not at work, I am walking with my dogs, riding on my MTB, playing golf and / or acting as a field hockey referee. Mountaineering is another great passion, but as we are not living close to any mountains, I can not climb mountains for more than 1 or 2 weeks per year.