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Need a circular designed prototype? 
Need a clever marketing strategy to sell it? Not sure Germany is your next market?

Your challenges

Want to bring your idea to market? You need a prototype and test it with your target group? Scaling up but can’t afford a CFO, CTO, COO, CIO or CMO? Don’t know where to start with a more circular design for your products? Your product is great but you just need a clever marketing strategy to sell more? You think Germany is your next market but you’re not sure?  


Let our Producer of Good Business help you pinpoint your biggest challenges and suggest the experts from our collective to help you take the next stept.  We have more than twenty-five Minds available to help you with: 

How to measure your positive impact and proof that your solutions works best? We can help you audit your impact, calculate your true costs and implement the theory of change to optimise your positive impact. 

Innovation of
products & services

The products that we use every day are part of the big problems that society is facing today. However, they can also be the key to solutions for a preferable future. We use our broad experience to help organisations make a positive impact with their products. We innovate products that improve the quality of life of users and reduce environmental impact on our planet. Our experienced innovators will support you in every part of the process. Get specific design sprints done with our workshops, find new consumer insights for the next generation of products or develop a unique sustainability strategy within your category.

We believe all strong purpose-driven brands base their marketing and communication decisions on their dream of the future and the positive impact they want to achieve. We help you uncover the DNA of your brand, build propositions that combine impact with relevance to your customers and find your unique positioning in the market. And last but not least tell the world about your product or service. We can help you in every step of the process, from brand sprints, workshops to get to your brand core, concept development, campaign production to developing your social media strategy.

Brand, marketing

Growing your company and accelerate your positive impact can be hard too. Scaling up introduces you to new organisational dynamics.  Keeping orders coming and production running,  your team needs to expand in numbers and diversify in skills. Our Minds can help you get your company alined for the future.

growth strategy

You wish to start scaling your impact from local to global but do not know where to start, when to start or how to do it. Our Minds with a proven track record in international scaling understand the struggles and challenges. Let us help you with 

country specific knowledge and a worldwide network to connect with potential partners and buyers abroad.

& finance

Sometimes your production and sales go ahead of your legal organisation. Or you want to sell a part of your company to a partner. Our financial experts can help you with due diligence, setting up your financial reporting or validate your company. We have minds ready to be your beam-me-up-CFO and protect your company as if it where their own. 


As a start-up or scale-up,  you probably need some extra money for your challenges. With our extensive and warm network of impact investors and funds, we can guide you to find the best fit for your financial needs. For now, but als get covered for  later steps. For this long term reassurance we initiated a unique collaboration between well known impact financiers, called Integrated Capitial Lab

Product design,
development & engineering 

We create desirable products that contribute to a sustainable future. The Generous Minds Makers team has vast experience in product design, development, engineering and prototyping for almost every type of product. We can turn objectives into a reality. With our track record in Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods, durable consumer products and professional equipment we will support every part of the design process

legal support

It's important to look ahead and make the right legal choices. What business structure is the right fit, how to protect your precious IP, how to manage the relationships between founders, with investors, financiers, vendors, partners and employees. The right legal choices at the start prevent a hassle down the road and getting legal counsel from seasoned lawyers can help you get a clear view. Our trusted legal partners at BvdV have all relevant expertise in-house, adhering to our fair-pricing model. 

The way we work


We want to add value, not make hours. So our first priority is to coach you getting the right things done yourself before spending money. For this, a PoGb is at your service to prioritize your challenges. We do this with our GM co-vestment method. It’s like an holistic audit of your purpose and plan. For each uncovered challenge, we can connect you to a relevant expert. 


No value, no pay

Because we only work with clients to add value, you only pay if we perform.

So after every stage or project in your journey, we evaluate. You only pay if we score at least a 7 out of 10.


Doing good? Then help us help others 

We believe big companies can help small companies to make the world a better place together. At Generous Minds you pay as you earn. Our hourly rate differs depending on your revenue. With your higher hourly rate you support start-ups to have the same access to expertise but for a lower rate. Together we give everyone a fair chance to grow.


So, are you a start-up looking for a resilient foundation for a great future?

Or a Corporate Enterprise finding opportunities to innovate and make the breakthrough from Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship to Socially Relevant Entrepreneurship?

Our impact

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