Covestment in Good Business

Covestors in Good Business

Our world economy needs a paradigm shift. That’s why we created a revolutionary concept for boosting sustainable business: Generous Minds. An integration of worlds that are usually separate. Experienced consultants and impact investors joining forces in a unique and equal way. We call ourselves covestors.​

Generous Minds

Our Minds master every business discipline. From finance and (digital) marketing to innovation and branding.  From making your products circular to building a community. And scaling your local business to new (international) markets.

Generous Money

Based on your financing need, we provide access to our growing network of impact financiers.

Our way of working

Our Producer of Good Business challenges and determines your priorities. Then we select the Generous Minds dream team to boost your societal impact.

Join our movement

We are developing into a worldwide movement in which Generous Minds, Generous Money and Good Business accelerate and amplify each other. So join us now. For your mind, your money, your business, our world.​




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Societally relevant entrepreneurship is the future. Every day, innovations are put on the market that help society move forward.

HBR Sept-Oct 2018

Harvard Business Review's Sept-Oct 2018's cover story: The Business Case for Curiosity. It Can Improve Your Firm's Adaptability And Perfomance. Hallelujah!

October 9th marks the first Impact on Stage event, a series of inspiration sessions where each time 2 socially inspired entrepreneurs talk about a specific topic.