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Expertise and money
to increase the impact of your business

More time and space to do business the way you want to

Always the right expert

Enter the next growth phase with confidence

A future-proof tailor-made plan

How do you want to increase
your positive impact?

You want to innovate your product  

You want to make a product that is designed for the future.

You want to minimize the footprint of your company and your products  

Where can you find the knowledge and expertise to reinvent your product?

You want to scale up your social enterprise successfully

You want to scale up your sustainable business successfully.

You know your product works and you want to grow to conquer the world


What expertise do you need to realize that growth?

You need money
to grow

You need money for your next growth phase.
In fact, without extra money, the future of your company is at stake


How do you find money in time to continue growing? 

Are you an investor looking for social enterprises that the world will soon be talking about?
here why it's smarter to invest together

Since  2013  already guided over 250 
companies to more Impact

Over 35 top experts in all areas of Impact and Operations

€200 mln active in funding with a 80% success rate and warm network of 350+ Impact Financiers within a total network of 1500+ Impact Financiers 

B-Corp certified since 2015 as one of the first organizations in NL

Already helped over 250 companies to more Impact

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