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Invest in social enterprises that the world will soon be talking about

Work with like-minded impact investors 

Benefit from diverse expertise

Don't miss the impact unicorns

Realize an attractive return

Do you invest in the most promising cases?

In order not to miss the boat as an investor, you often have to act quickly. You lack enough time to separate the wheat from the chaff. You often have to rely solely on your own expertise to assess cases. We believe that investing together is smarter.


We have often supervised cases that we propose to you for months, sometimes years. They have been reviewed, challenged and optimized by our experts into an investable case that we strongly believe in. With our Integrated Capital approach you work together with like-minded investors and experts. So the social enterprise is not solely dependent on your capital to realize the next growth phase. 

Feel part of an impact driven 
eco system

Examples of companies
that we support with funding


Provides a revolutionary technology that harnesses wave energy to produce clean energy and drinking water

Integrated Capital funding support since October 2022

45M euros funding need in multiple rounds

Wave piston 1.jpg

Brings wave energy to the world

We have funded multiple impact-driven companies in recent years for €40 million

92% of our propositions that have been invested in are still perfectly healthy 

We are currently assisting promising companies with a total financing demand of €185 million where you can still invest in 

We apply to all social enterprises a proven financial model developed by our partner Protiviti

B-Corp certified since 2015 as one of the first organizations in NL

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Curious who of our 35 Minds can help you as well? 

Partner up with like-minded
investors and experts



Meet us

We get to know each other and determine where your interests lie to invest in



Keep up to date

We only introduce those entrepreneurs to you we are sure are really something for you




With your money and knowledge, we work together on the success of impactful companies

We support the following companies with funding

Invest in the cases that the
world will soon be talking about

  • Don't miss the impact unicorns 

  • Benefit from diverse expertise

  • Don't waste time on cases that aren't viable

  • Cases receive continuous expert support 

  • Don't lose your money unnecessarily 

  • Invest in a better world with a good feeling

  • Only receive cases that interest you

  • Work with like-minded impact investors 

  • Attractive financial return

  • Stay close to the fire for follow-up funding

  • By joining forces you can make a huge difference from just 25K

  • A good story to your (grand)children


News and cases

Work with the best people in this field

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