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Attens Mortgages taking care for healthcare

Attens Mortgages is marketing a new mortgage exclusively for (former) employees in the healthcare and welfare sector, which also includes the sports and cultural sectors. This mortgage brings a home for people in this sector a lot closer.

Generous Minds mission

In December 2013, Generous Minds received a request from PGGM & CO to cooperate in the development of a mortgage for the healthcare and welfare sector. This from the role of project manager for the marketing, distribution and communication of this product. At an earlier stage, Generous Minds has already contributed to the mission and strategy development for PGGM for the realization of a “Valuable Future”. PGGM & CO also knew that Generous Minds had the required expertise in-house.

"With Attens Mortgages, we have created more space for our members to buy their own homes. We have allowed the income of people in the care and welfare sector to count again, literally and figuratively. And that is essential given the social importance of this sector."

- Marc van Heeswijk, PGGM & CO client, Marketing & Communication Manager

Analysis, Planning, Implementation

The project started with an extensive market scan into consumer needs, consultant wishes, social relevance, market developments and the preparation of a business case and model. It emerged that the product would best "land" in a residential portal, which would be set up in part by the same Generous Mind within PGGM & CO. The product has been further developed in close collaboration with PGGM Vermogensbeheer and investment specialist AF Advisors. The starting point has always remained that it had to become a relevant proposition for the target group.

After an intensive partner selection process for mortgage lending, it was decided to market the mortgage with Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance (Syntrus). This in a new company with a completely new brand.

"Attens Mortgages is a worldwide unique innovation in which we have linked the domains of Housing and Pension with each other. It is unprecedented that a pension fund makes money available to facilitate its own participants when buying a home. For our member organization this is an important proof that with the right expertise, willpower and a listening ear to the target group, anything is possible! "

- Gert-Jan Sikking, Managing Director Innovation and Senior Consultant Sustainable Investments PGGM

New brand: Attens Hypotheken

Generous Minds has made a major contribution to the brand development of Attens Hypotheken. For example, the positioning was determined, the brand name was devised and the brand identity developed in words and images by Covestors of Generous Minds. This always in close collaboration with the PGGM & CO membership organization, Syntrus and its stakeholders.

Launch of a distinctive and relevant product

On September 29, 2015, Attens Hypotheken was introduced to the market with the following, in combination, unique features:

  • Irregularity allowances count for 100%

  • Flex contracts are eligible for a mortgage

  • Parents can draw with their children

  • Attens gives a 0.4% interest discount when the energy label is improved

  • All communication is in B1 Dutch, including contractual conditions

  • The 10-year NHG introduction rate was 2.25%, which is one of the most competitive rates in the market


On the day of the introduction, with a very modest budget and no proactive media efforts, except for a press release, the front page of, was reached and the trade press wrote about it enthusiastically. On day 1 this led to tens of thousands of visitors to the websites and directly to applications for mortgages from Attens.

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