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Access to clean energy

African Clean Energies is providing a solar-biomass hybrid energy system for the electrical and thermal energy needs of its users while emitting negligible levels of smoke, protecting their health. The electricity access provided by the ACE One allows users to charge their phone or plug in the LED light attachment which saves them money on electrical energy expenses, making the ACE One affordable. The efficient burn of the ACE One plus its ability to burn any dry solid biomass fuel (animal waste, crop residue, small sticks) reduces the need for unsustainably harvested wood fuel and protects our environment.

Generous Minds has developed a new generation of cookstoves that reduce cost and increase reliability. Its modular approach allows for components to be used in different products and facilitate upgrades such as more battery capacity at a later stages. It is sold as part of the ACE Connect Package which includes a second-use Samsung smartphone with a pre-installed ACE Connect app. The new product has some user centered considerations such offering a place to leave a spoon for stirring.

The product will increase clean energy access and bring the benefits of smartphones to households, reaching an estimated 12,500 people. This project will produce strong development impact through improving household health and income, creating 22 new permanent jobs and reducing 14,332 tonnes CO2e emissions.

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