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Circular Desk

Bijgewerkt op: 4 feb. 2021

Covid-19 has changed the way we work: mostly on-line and from home. We believe this will be the new standard also after we have gained control over the virus by vaccination. Therefore Generous Minds, Brink and Route Circulair have taken the initiative to develop a desk system to make it easier for employers to facilitate this way of working for all its emloyees with ergonomics as a starting point. A system with a variety of ways to extend the products life time and manage obsolescence (Marcel den Hollander 2018) of products, components and materials.

  1. Modularity to make more product varieties with a lower component inventory.

  2. Capacity to adapt returned products for future users.

  3. A desk-top that can be used on both sides to double it's life span.

  4. A minimum of material for a maximum of functionality

  5. Use circular materials (e.g. Ecor) and recycled content

  6. Products that can be used in multiple situations at home but also in an in-company environment.

  7. A business model with an incentive for customers to return unused products.

The Generous Mind responsible for the development of HomeWORK is Ronald Lewerissa

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