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Dunlop is world market leader in 'Rubber Boots'. It makes high quality protective footwear for all segments of the market: food industry, agriculture and building & construction. Today these boots are not made of natural rubber any more but a variety of thermoplastic and thermoset materials and that is exactly the problem if the aim is to make them sustainable.

Dunlop is striving to be a Triple-P company and therefore takes the Social Development Goals seriously. As the largest manufacturer of boots, Dunlop wants to lead the category in finding solutions to make boots circular. Every boot that Dunlop produces should not only protect people but in the long run also protect the planet.

Role of Generous Minds

Generous Minds helps Dunlop in the transition from a linear company, whose boots end up in landfill or incineration, to 100% circular. Together with the Dunlop-team a vision for the future was developed. In a detailed Life-Cycle-Analysis the most important variables were identified that influence key circularity performance indicators such as carbon footprint and resource depletion. Various types of 'intervention' were conceptualized: alternative boot design, recycling program, return logistics and new business models. In close cooperation with other stakeholders in the value chain, pilots have been set up to test and evaluate the circular strategy.

The Generous Minds and Friends contributing to Dunlop's ReBoot program are Ronald Lewerissa, Marcel den Hollander, Geanne van Arkel, Scato van Opstall and Danny Klein

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