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Impact by Creativity

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

If you don't have the resources for a full R&D department, endless consumer research or commercials on TV you have to be creative to make impact. This is exactly what Seepje does. Jasper Gabriels and Melvin Loggies, the founders of Seepje, have set a completely different tone of voice in the category of cleaning. They are changing the rules in the world of cleaning products. Their main ingredient is the shell of the Sappindus Mukorossi fruit from the Himalya. A cooperative of women in Nepal produce the concentrate that is shipped to The Netherlands. Jasper, with the official job title 'Wasman' will tell you more about their social impact here.

What is Generous Minds' involvement?

Generous Minds is a sparring partner in innovation. Together we look at categories and market segments where Seepje innovations might be successful, what it takes to develop them and what they should look like. We look at which existing waste streams might be saved from incineration. But most of all Generous Minds adds value with creativity in packaging design. We create, develop and engineer all the Seepje packaging. We support Jasper and Melvin to get the bottles produced properly at the various suppliers and constantly try to reduce cost. The iconic soap-bar shaped bottle is a symbol for the de-mystification of the category and the most important visual brand element. With 97% recycled material and a label that is not glued, the bottles have won numerous design awards for their positive impact.

Sustainability can be a celebration, saving the world is fun. It is a paradigm shift. It is iconic. Form and material and honesty (the packaging is made from old milk bottles) are positive points. This packaging is superior to others. It is innovative in the category. The soap bar as a starting point for packaging.

Jury of the NL packaging awards (Hester Klein Lankhorst, Siem Haffmans)

How much impact have we made?

When Seepje grows, their social impact grows and their envronmental impact grows. So our quest is to make Seepje grow! Packaging design has been key in the growth of Seepje. After introduction of the new bottles the brand has grown in four consecutive years more than 85% on average. Last year 40.000 kilograms of recycled plastic have been used, 507.000 liters of synthetic detergents have been saved and 30 families in Nepal were provide for.

We have provided Seepje the tools to make a Life Cycle Analysis for their different products and packaging. Our calculations shows that for instance the handsoap bottles reduce the Eco-cost (which includes CO2, toxicity and resource depletion) with more than 50%. It also shows that re-usability of the bottles and the pump would reduce the footprint even more so there is still a lot of work to be done.

The great work of Ronald Lewerissa and Marcel Verhaaf have made the Seepje packaging to what it is today. A great sustainable and commercially successful packaging solution that gives an essential contribution to the growth of Seepje. Thanks to our packaging we are on our way to become the most inspiring and impactful cleaning brand in Europe!

Jasper Gabriels, founder & wasman Seepje

You can buy Seepje for instance at Albert Heijn (NL), Delhaize (BE), DM Drogerie (DE).

The Generous Minds and Friends contributing to Seepje are Ronald Lewerissa, Jacco de Haan and Marcel Verhaaf

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