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LENA the fashion library

Building on the idea that fashion should be fun for everyone involved, LENA became the fashion library at the end of 2014. And that is still the key motive. With the fashion library, the lifespan of clothing is extended as long as possible and less new clothes are bought.

It is even better if clothing is always 100% recyclable: Old, discarded clothing as raw material for new collections. LENA is not only dreaming about that, but is also working hard to make that dream come true.

Doortje Vintage

Four enterprising ladies with a creative view on the world. About 10 years ago, the three sisters Angela, Diana & Elisa established the first vintage webshop in the Netherlands: Doortje Vintage. After building a whole mountain of experience, opening 2 stores, 'adopting' sister Suzanne and mountains of inspiration, it was time for a new step: LENA the fashion library. With the four of them, they delve into this adventure full of enthusiasm, and it only gets better.

A wedding, reunion or opening. You want to look tip-top, but don't want to buy something that you only wear once or twice. At LENA you can very easily borrow something from the collection once, paid per week and afterwards by direct debit. There is no subscription, so it's only used when you feel like it.

Sold and ready

When a piece of clothing goes over the counter, most fashion brands are already somewhere else with their heads. Clothing has been sold, the turnover has arrived, on to the next collection. That the average lifespan of a garment is only 3 years, or that some clothing is already discarded after wearing it once...many brands are not concerned with that (source: Awareness Fashion). But there are indeed consequences to our insatiable hunger for things. This is what LENA wants to change through circular fashion.

100% recycling

Lena wants to achieve that clothing is produced in a closed circuit with 100% recycling. Used textile is processed into raw material for new clothing, which means that in principle no new raw materials are needed. LENA not only wants to lend clothing, but also to be the missing link between clothing producers and reuse. LENA goes for ZERO washed and yet being well dressed.

Generous Minds experts and network support

In line with our philosophy we introduce our Generous Minds experts and network were relevant, joined forces to increase the chances of success and impact. Generous Minds helps Lena with the further development of the concept and the financing in the next growth phases.

“Generous Minds supports us with the right knowledge and vision in the further development of our concept. The link with the experienced minds and the access to impact financiers has put us on the right track to take our company to the next level. "

- Suzanne Smulders, Co-Founder LENA

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