Ontmoet onze Minds

Wij zijn een divers collectief van experts die ondernemers willen helpen. We hebben (hadden) elk ons eigen bedrijf en willen anderen helpen in hun succes. We delen dezelfde waarden vanuit verschillende achtergronden en specialismen. We gaan all-in voor impact

Onze Minds beheersen verschillende expertises. Van financiën en (digitale) marketing tot innovatie en branding. Van het circulair maken van je producten tot het bouwen van een community. En het schalen van je lokale business naar nieuwe (internationale) markten. 

De meeste van onze experts zijn mede-eigenaar van onze Generous Minds coöperatie. En in deze mede-eigenaarsrol sturen en ontwikkelen ze Generous Minds stap voor stap tot een wereldwijde impact makende beweging.


Aart van den Bos

International Business Builder, PoGb

Adventurous entrepreneur; opportunity detector & all round good guy. Unites, connects, teaches, explores, challenge others and build bridges.


Arjen van Dijkhuizen

Communications strategist / PoGB

I advise and coach entrepreneurs. The basis for the work with other people is mutual trust. From there the magic happens.


Jacco de Haan

Product designer and packaging specialist

All-round industrial designer, passionate about making great ideas come to life in the physical world. Achieving this in the best way possible for the client and the world we live in.


Jeske Ruigrok

Impact strategist


Jules Bernaerts

Creative Business Strategist & Corporate Finance Specialist

Loves to sharpen your business plan, get your pitch deck and financials straight and your good business funded. Expect tough love and honest feedback.


Michael Pieneman



Pablo Groglopo

Circular Design Strategist

I am a Design Strategist focusing on Circular Products and Services. 
Using Design Thinking to bring creativity and empathy into System Level Change strategies allowing Sustainable Business Models for a flourishing society


Ronald Beuk

Passionate connector, / Producer of Generous Money

Warrior & connector on a worldwide mission for lasting impact


Alexandre Ayoub

Emerging markets researcher


Bas Roelofs

Strategy & Business designer

Creative and entrepreneurial marketing and innovation expert. Proven ability to translate stakeholder needs into sparkling brands,products & services


Jean - Pierre Houtkoop

Subsidy advisor

Subsidies and Grants
Experienced in subsidies and grants for technical and circular innovation, energy and environment.


Joost Verheijen

Coach, Interim- and projectmanagement


Maarten Broekema

Business coach | impact investor | PoGb

Helps impact-oriented businesses and their owners to start and scale. Focus on improving healthcare and civil society. Loves to challenge – and support when necessary.


Mike Dijkstra

Naming and brand strategist


Petra Benes

International growth specialist / PoGB

I help internationalize the social enterprise. Scaling impact from local to global.


Ronald Lewerissa

Designer of a preferable future / PoGb

I’m a designer of a preferable future. I develop products that make a difference for people, planet and profit. From the first ideas to the nitty gritty details.


Anneke Wieling

Financial & Process Expert / PoGB

From business plan to ERP system, finance, process consultant or organizational change, Love it!


Heleen Ririassa

Strategic MarComs-PR Interim Manager / PoGb

As a MarComs-PR professional, I have worked for over 20 years in key Interim Management roles with many multi-disciplinary and international teams.


Jeroen Slappendel

Brand strategist and innovator-on-a-mission

Brand warrior and innovation addict. Loves fascilitating workshops that ignite change. Doesn't shy away from writing a brand story with a heart


Jop Blom

Passionate accelerator & connecter / your ideal allround global PoGB.

Serial sustainable entrepreneur on a mission to empower sustainable entrepreneurship beyond borders. Passionate accelerator & connector for positive impact in the world.


Marcel den Hollander

Industrial designer

Professor Circular Design & Manufacturing and author of the book "Products that last" and one of our most seasoned circular designers at Generous Minds


Njord Pattiasina

Business development


Raoul Kuiper

Creative brand strategist / Certified Storybrand Guide

Let me help you to clarify your brand message and grow your business with a simple and effective marketing approach.


Sabine Beuk

Commercial Advisor - Marketing & Sales