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If you can dream it, we can build it

C3 Living develops sustainable, affordable and flexible housing, creating opportunities for people at a disadvantage on the labor market and offering suitable housing for every phase of life.​

The C3 Living residential units originate from the activities of the social enterprise Rendiz. That company develops projects that generate synergy by properly combining commercial, public and healthcare services. The services and products offered reinforce each other and therefore have a large reach within a neighbourhood, city or regio.

Housing is a basic need

The first "builders" on the C3 Living units were homeless people from the region.

Housing is a basic need for every person and ensures a safe environment. A safe place of one's own is essential in the process of bringing homeless people back to society. Through conversations with partners such as housing associations and care institutions, the target groups have now been expanded to include students, home seekers below the liberalisation limit, asylum seekers / status holders and those in need of care.

Role of Generous Minds

Generous Minds has assisted C3 Living during the phase from incubator to market entrant.

“Under the inspiring leadership of Ronald Beuk, contact was made with various financiers and financing platforms. Presentations were given to the Integrated Capital Lab. This led to interesting reflections on market / product combinations, risks and market opportunities. What makes you think more about the product as an entrepreneur, but also gives you more confidence in the effects of social return and economic feasibility. At C3 Living, it has led to the desired funding for our next growth phase ”- Peter Broekmans, director of Rendiz BV

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