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More Welcome than ever!

Welcome helps people to get their lives back on track. This may, for example, concern situations in which debts have risen too high, there is a divorce, or when someone has fled to the Netherlands.

Offering a safe, stable and peaceful living environment, combined with personal coaching, aimed at (re) finding a full place in society, is Welcome's unique, holistic proposition.

Welcome has been active in the municipality of Veenendaal for two years now and aims to grow towards a national network of locations. Generous Minds helps Welcome with its strategic focus, the development of the coaching proposition and building a scalable business case.

Generous Minds experts and network support

In line with our philosophy we introduce our Generous Minds experts and network were relevant, joined forces to increase the chances of success and impact.

"By looking at your organisation with Minds and making goals, business dreams come true!" -

Cora van de Bovenkamp - Schuurman

Director and founder of Welcome

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