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Fulfill your ambitions with committed impact financiers

Space to do business
as it was intended


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Future proof financed

Always in control of your business

Do business comfortably

How do you find money in time for the next phase of growth of your business?

You lack the network and knowledge to get properly funded by impact funders. It takes an enormous amount of time that you don't have because you have to keep all the balls in the air. This can put enormous pressure on you and make you feel unnecessarily insecure. Will my wonderful plan and venture make it through?


Fortunately, you don't have to do everything alone. Generous Minds has brought together a network of impact funders in our Generous Money Network: a network of more than 1,000 impact funders with whom we have short lines of communication. We know exactly what they are looking for and how they can fit into a long-term funding puzzle. We will give you the space to do business again like you intended.

Examples of companies
that we support with funding


Provides a revolutionary technology that harnesses wave energy to produce clean energy and drinking water

Integrated Capital funding support since October 2022

45M euros funding need in multiple rounds

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Brings wave energy to the world

We have successfully supported impact-driven companies in finding funding of  45M 

€200M active in financing with a 80% success rate and warm network of 350+ Impact Financiers within a total network of 1500+ Impact Financiers

B-Corp certified since 2015 as one of the first organizations in NL

Work with the best people in this field

Organization analysis
We help you with a 360º analysis of your organization and business model to identify the strengths and potential areas for improvement of your company


Financial strategy 
Based on your impact and growth objectives, we formulate together the financial strategy for both the short and the long term


Legal advice
We advise you on the legal structure to attract financiers and investors who are a good fit for your company  


Pitch deck
Together we develop a pitch deck based on the financial strategy that gives you a strong and convincing story for investors


Pitch training
We support you to confidently communicate your pitch to investors and financiers


Access to network
Together we approach the right people in our Generous Money network through our Integrated Capital approach 


Integrated Capital approach
We keep puzzling until we have found the perfect combination of impact financiers and/or investors for you and we will not stop until we have succeeded


Due diligence & legal documentation
As soon as we have found investors and/or financiers, we support you in the due diligence phase up to and including financial closing


Together we find the right impact financiers

Work with the best people in this field

In this way you can find a financier that matches your ambitions



Your ambition

Book an introductory meeting with

an expert from our Generous

Money team



Financing plan

A financing strategy that gives room to do business like you intended



Trusted collaboration

Together we connect you to the right financiers. You keep a grip on the growth of your business

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Generous Minds helps you find the right financing. As a starting entrepreneur you don't know how this works. You need someone to guide you through the wonderful world of investing. How do you make a pitch deck, which parties do you write to, with which story and tone of voice. You need that very intensive guidance. Without Generous Minds I would not have spoken to so many parties and gained this knowledge and experience. The network and guidance was valuable.


Bob van den Berg

Founder, Tworby


Generous Minds supported us with the right knowledge and expertise to further develop our concept. The cooperation with experienced Minds and access to the right Impact financiers has enabled us to grow our company to the next level. 


Suzanne Smulders

Co-Founder, LENA


Generous Minds has made it possible for us to access a network of very high quality impact investors with the same ambitions as we do. 


We participated in the Integrated Capital Lab where you sit around the table with various financiers at the same time. A valuable approach that led to SpeakSee funding. 


Jari Hazelebach
CEO and founder SpeakSee

We help the following brands find funding:

No more worrying about money, but do business comfortably again

  • Stay true to your own plan

  • Stay in control of your business

  • Maximum support so that you can focus on your business

  • Doing business with confidence

  • No hasty, incorrect financing

  • Real clout to make an impact

  • Continuous support from experts

  • No premature sale of shares to investors who do not suit you

  • Doing business with a network of like-minded people

  • Enjoy working with financiers who share your ambitions

  • The financing after the first milestones has already been secured

  • Continuity for the short and long term

  • Always a trusted partner to guide you

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