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Innovate your product to make impact

Realize a product ready for the future

From product idea to success

Design for the future

Stay ahead of your competition

How will your product make impact?

Sometimes you have a great idea for a meaningful product or you need a product innovation  to make an impact. To realize that innovation, you don't always have the right people in the team with knowledge of innovation. Still, you need to innovate to stay ahead of your competition and increase your impact. We understand that you can lie awake at night because a prototype does not work, customers do not find the product attractive enough or new legislation will change everything. Soon the competition will overtake you and the continuity of your company will be at stake if you do not innovate. 


We believe that sustainable product innovations should have access to the very best people in this field. Experienced Makers with whom you can express your doubts and solve problems together in complete confidence. Our Generous Makers help you with Design Strategy, Life-cycle Analysis, Design, Market Research, Prototyping and Engineering. With a temporary team of innovation specialists, you can take exactly those actions to realize your next step. 



Work with the best people in this field

Product innovation for large corporates as well as new products for startups

Over 175 sustainable products developed for the following brands: Lely, PostNL, Ahrend, Tefal, Skil, Tennant, Lego, Unilever, Seepje, Sara Lee, Hero, Albert Heijn, Heinz, Douwe Egberts

B Corp certified since 2015 as one of the first organizations in NL

We help you innovate 

Life cycle analyses
We make a compact analysis of the footprint your product has throughout the entire chain and see which 'interventions' can improve this

Market research
We conduct early research to discover which issues are relevant and how to fix them

Innovation strategy
We help you formulate a clear strategy on how you can successfully make a positive impact with relevant value propositions

Concept design
We (co)create the concepts for new products with your team and make them tangible with visualizations and models in order to convince stakeholders in the market, conduct market research or attract financing

Circular design
We provide the knowledge and experience for designing products that fit into a circular economy

We make prototypes in all conceivable shapes to speed up the development process and increase quality

We engineer the products in 3D CAD so that they can be produced for the right price and quality


Sustainable packaging design
We use specific knowledge to design sustainable solutions for packaging problems


Generous Minds helped us with our strategic focus and the development of our new coaching proposition. They have also ensured that our business model is solid.

The Minds help you achieve your business goals and your dream! 


Cora van de Bovenkamp - Schuurman
Director and founder of Welcome



The great work of Ronald Lewerissa and Marcel Verhaaf have made the Seepje packaging what it is today. A wonderfully sustainable and commercially successful packaging that makes an essential contribution to the growth of Seepje. Partly thanks to our packaging, we are on our way to becoming the most inspiring and impactful washing and cleaning brand in Europe! 


Jasper Gabriels
Co-founder Seepje


Thanks to the help of Generous Minds, Oyster Heaven was able to turn our ambitious idea into a successful business. The search to find the right investor then proceeded quickly. In a few months, a great match was found.

After the investment, the Minds support us in design, engineering and production to develop our beautiful products from patents to final production.


George Birch,

Founder Oyster Heaven

Product innovation plan 



Book a meeting

Tell us about your product and the challenges you face



We develop a design strategy

Together we look at which short- and long-term goals are feasible and summarize them in a feasible plan



We help you realize impact

Together we develop a concrete product with measurable impact

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Download the thesis for free

"Design for managing obsolescence"

Make your organization  future proof

  • Turn your idea into a concrete product

  • Know what steps you need to take to innovate your product

  • Avoid production problems

  • Experience peace because you know it will be okay

  • Turn your idea into an attractive product

  • Know the exact footprint of your product


  • Work in a team with whom you can develop in confidence

  • Make the right choices for future developments 

  • Get ahead of your competition 

  • Revitalize your brand and organization

  •  You are ready for changing legislation

  • Know the impact you are making


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We helped the following brands innovate:

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