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Meet our Minds

We are a diverse collective of experts who want to help entrepreneurs. We each have (had) our own company and want to help others in their success. We share the same values from different backgrounds and specialties. We go all in for a better, more fair world for everyone

Our Minds master different areas of expertise. From finance and (digital) marketing to innovation and branding. From making your products circular to building a community. And scaling your local business to new (international) markets

Most of our experts are co-owners of our Generous Minds cooperative. And in their co-owner role, they guide and develop Generous Minds step by step into a global impact-making movement


Aart van den Bos

International Innovative Agriculture Expert

I train, advise, coach entrepreneurs, impact investors, NGO’s, governments in innovation in agricultural business amongst others through leading by example (setting up own companies)


Brian Kwakman

Junior with Financial & Commercial focus

I support the financing process of social enterprises to help them create impact for people and the planet. Additionally, I offer my expertise in the areas of marketing, sales, and branding


Erik de Winter

Commercial / funding advisor

I advise founding -and commercial Teams on ways to help raise their own “glass ceilings” and thus reach their organizations true potential in terms of impact, growth and meaning


Heleen Ririassa

Strategic MarComs-PR Interim Manager

I manage and lead MarComs-PR teams within organizations going through change and transition as an interim MarCom manager


Jan Willem Elffers

Head hunter for impact-driven organizations

I (we!) support the client in bringing in leadership in any area


Jeske Ruigrok

Impact strategist

I help companies become sustainable through Impact measurement & management


Jos van der Meulen

Strategic Business Mentor / Coach

I am a pragmatic business coach assisting/coaching C-level of Startups with all business elements they will encounter when growing their company.


Marcel den Hollander

Industrial designer

I train, advise and coach companies to start making the required transition to a more circular way of operating their business. Professor Circular Design & Manufacturing and author of the book "Products that last"


Pablo Groglopo

Circular Design Strategist

I support companies that want to offer sustainable products and services with developing their innovation design strategy, allowing sustainable business models for a flourishing society


Raoul Kuiper

Creative brand strategist / Certified Storybrand Guide

I help you clarify your brand message and grow your business with a simple and effective marketing approach


Rose Marie van Leeuwen

Impact Strategist / Consultant with Experience in Growth

I advise and coach companies introducing impact strategy, workshops and operational support, who earn money by creating solutions for world problems, to learn, implement and experiment on how to innovate their business proposition to earn money by solving world problems.


Twan Voss

Entrepreneur investing and funding various projects and companies

I advise, coach and help talented entrepreneurs and teams achieving there scaling up. I want to work with highly motivated, talented people. I expect them to be open minded and open for growth.


Alexandre Ayoub

MD International Investment Fund, Funding advisor

I help clients to improve their pitch for investors by enhancing their story to make it a more compelling proposition for investors


Denise Krul

Head hunter for impact-driven organizations

I help organizations find the right person who best fits the organizational phase and its challenges. I look for the candidate with the X-factor. I will always go the extra mile


Fer Kitzen

CRM expert, Business Intelligence Manager

I help companies prepare for efficient growth by integrating a CRM system to allow a data-driven way of working and decision making


Huib Maaskant

Creative Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Content Creator.

I create brands and value propositions to take sustainable business ideas to market.


Jean - Pierre Houtkoop

Subsidy advisor

I help companies finding and getting subsidies that help them finance their innovation projects. My focus is on technical innovation, energy, environment, international business and circular economy


Joost Verheijen

Coach, Interim- and projectmanagement

I coach and support companies by developing a clear strategic direction, build a better performing organization, developing business plans and attracting finance


Jurek Hryniuk

Financial Expert, Member of Generous Money team

I support the financing process of social enterprises to help them create impact for people and the planet


Mike Dijkstra

Naming and brand strategist

I help companies with research and advise to create brand names, brand stories and a verbal brand identity


Petra Benes

International growth specialist, Generous Money

I help social enterprises internationalize and attract the right impact financiers for their next phases of growth


Ronald Beuk

Initiator Generous Minds & Money

I support companies to develop a sustainable and healthy financing strategy for their business and connect them to impact financiers that are suited for their current and future phases of growth


Sabine Beuk

Commercial Trainer & Advisor

I train and support good business to build their commercial foundation and scale their societal impact


Anneke Wieling

Experienced CEO/CFO, Business Generalist with Finance expertise

I support companies as a business generalist (CEO/CFO) to optimize processes, systems, and working methods so they are ready for growth.


Eliana Delfino

Graphic Designer & Art Director

I design and create visual concepts that help organizations and entrepreneurs
visually communicate their brand, projects and ideas


Frank Härte

Finance & Control Specialist

I provide a broad range of finance and control services to help organizations improve their performance


Jacco de Haan

Product designer and packaging specialist

I support purpose driven companies by creating, designing and engineering desirable new products that make positive impact


Jeroen Slappendel

Brand strategist and innovator-on-a-mission

I advise, guide and support social enterprises to find their ultimate brand positioning and strategy to become serious competition for the not-so-sustainable brands


Jop Blom

Passionate accelerator & connecter

I offer coaching, support and strategy development in the start- to scale up phase in all important aspects of the business plan based on my experience as a serial entrepreneur


Liesbeth Gouwens

Trusted Advisor, Entrepreneur and Coach

I specialize in general management, business strategy, budgets, funding & financing, individual coaching and stakeholder management.


Njord Pattiasina

Interim director / CEO

I help companies build their foundation and scale by overseeing the whole organization, and moving the organization in the right direction as an interim director / CEO


Plamen Ivanov

Fundraising Advisor and Startup Mentor

I guide founders on the journey from getting investor ready to closing successful deals.


Ronald Lewerissa

Designer of a preferable future / PoGb

I support purpose driven companies by creating, designing and engineering desirable new products that make a difference for people, planet and profit. From the first ideas to the nitty gritty details


Sarah Bacom

Growth Hacker, Researcher

I train, advise and coach companies to run data-driven experimentation (Growth Hacking) to optimize their customer journey and conversions (B2B, B2C, B2B2C)

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