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Jeroen Slappendel

Brand strategist and innovator-on-a-mission

What I do

I advise, guide and support social enterprises to find their ultimate brand positioning and strategy to become serious competition for the not-so-sustainable brands

How I help customers

Companies that need to build strong brands and concepts to be able to compete with the larger (less sustainable) brands I support with advise, workshops and consult

Number of sample deliverables

- Brand compass (document) including mission, vision, values and promises
- Brand story
- Creative brief for a new or updated brand identity
- Clear positioning in your competitive field
- Tested (with users) prototypes of concepts
- Facilitation of workshops that always lead to decisions

Example customers

Yummy by Nature
War Child


About me

I am a branding and innovation strategist who helps brands that are leading the transformation to an ethical economy to be profitable, relevant and sustainable. I enjoy working with my clients in workshops and I have a large toolbox of exercises that help teams to understand their challenge, ideate solutions and make decisions on how to move forward. I use methods from design thinking, design sprints and strategic modelling, but I also like to use the power of the group with exercises from Theory U, art of hosting, deep democracy or liberating structures. All to make sure that social enterprises, start-ups, brands and organisations find their unique perspective, articulate their dreams for a better world and design the services and products that really add value to people and planet. I have a background in the corporate world. First in market research based in New York and later in different marketing and branding roles at Albert Heijn, back in the Netherlands.

For 3 years now, I am an independent consultant that works for a mix of corporate clients, social enterprises and NGOs. I like to use my corporate experience and put it in service for social enterprises and impact start-ups. This is why I also love working within Generous Minds. Together we can help social enterprises with their challenges in all business-related areas and can really make impact together. If I look at the projects that I’m most proud of, I see a shift. I used to be most proud of the repositioning of chocolate brand Delicata for Albert Heijn. This was a boring, non-descriptive brand that my team and I changed into an exciting brand with about 40 new products with flavours like yuzu seaweed and blueberry violets. If I could do that all over again, I would put much more focus on sustainability and a fair supply chain. That’s why I am now have more pride in projects that have a positive impact on people and nature.

One of my last projects with Generous Minds was the repositioning of BOON and it was great to work together with their team and really find their unique perspective. I am also proud of a project I did for an educational publisher. In two design sprints, we fully digitalized their offering for construction education. It gives so much energy to see teams become creative and decisive with a little guidance of a facilitator.
I love long-distance hiking and I am now on my way to Nice together with my partner Daniel. I also love cooking and picked up fermentation over the last year, so there is some kimchi ripening in my fridge. And I really like playing board games, so if anyone is up for a game night, give me a heads up.

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