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Ronald Beuk

Initiator Generous Minds & Money

What I do

I support companies to develop a sustainable and healthy financing strategy for their business and connect them to impact financiers that are suited for their current and future phases of growth

How I help customers

Companies that have difficulty to oversee the full spectrum of what is possible when looking for funding, I support with my knowledge, expertise and network to develop a sustainable investment strategy and find the right investment partners

Number of sample deliverables

- Investment strategy
- Optimized pitch deck
- Access to network of 1500 impact investors (funds, informals, banks, other)
- Capital raised

Example customers

Covadem, Sea Shepherd, DIF Media, Move Smart Company, The Waste Transformers, Stichting Trust, Granny’s Finest, Anti Malaria Drones, Sycada, Zwitserleven, SNS Bank, BodyTwister, Waste2Wear, Maxima Medisch Centrum, PGGM, Salt Farm Texel, Tiny, Solar Dew, Pcik-Up Club, Deko Eko, Renoon, Speakers for Awareness, Cultura NL, Billie Wonder, Square 11, Cloud Cufddle, Stressontknoping, Whispp, The Gambia Grows, Open Business Leaders, BYCS, Impact Hub Amsterdam, Innolane, LSTNR, Smart Octo, Tolooba, NXT Grid, SNEW, Finch Buildings, Jonker Makis Robotics, GrwNxt, Create the Impossible, Proctor Exam, Bodemzicht, Hacked_by, Zig Zag Solar, SpeakSee, C3 Living, VeggiHap, Paper on the Rocks, Elements of Freedom, ICM Opleidingen en Trainingen, People House, Make’m, Wij Heten Welkom, Challenge Day Nederland, Upp! UpCycling Plastic, Brainscan, Makers Unite, LENA, Valyuu


About me

Fueled by my ‘source code’ and higher goal to create a better world, I founded Generous Minds where I align the power of impact driven financiers, entrepreneurs and experts in a non-conventional entrepreneurial way. Day after day.

As the initiator of Generous Minds, I noticed that an increasing number of people in a wide variety of positions wanted to contribute to a better world. However, as individuals they were unable to accumulate sufficient power to bring about change. That’s why I’ve established Generous Minds in 2009, which has meanwhile evolved into a Covestment Cooperation in Good Business. Within Generous Minds we merge the strengths of impact driven entrepreneurs, financiers and experts, with the ambition to make lasting social and environmental impact, to leave the world in a better shape than we have entered it.

Being born on May 3rd 1967, I was raised in The Netherlands in Noordwijk in an entrepreneurial family. After my high school I volunteered at the Special Forces for my military duty. After which I went to Antwerp and obtained both my BBA and MBA ‘summa cum laude’. In 1993 I started my professional career in the advertising industry in the well-known advertising agency PMSvW/Y&R. When after a steep career I was offered to make the next step towards becoming the future ceo, I resigned at 9-9-’99. Because I strongly felt that I couldn’t resist my ‘source code’ and higher goal any longer to create a better world, which didn’t align with the ceo-opportunity offered. In 1999, I founded Great Opportunities, an independent consulting firm specialized in brand innovation. Covering every discipline from concept to implementation, I advised and accompanied companies in the area of innovation management. In 2009 I founded Generous Minds as a consulting for Good Business. In 2011 I realized that with my legal entity being a ‘Limited’ I was stuck in the old system making too much short-term money and too little and non-lasting societal impact. That’s why I ‘isolated myself for a year’ and engineered the concept of Generous Minds designed as a world-wide movement challenging the ‘old system’ for an everlasting impact. After preparations for another year, at 3rd of May 2013 the Generous Minds Cooperative was founded. With the Generous Minds 10-pager as a ‘blueprint’ we have developed Generous Minds as it is up to date.

Within Generous Minds I have different roles. One of them is being the Chairman of the Board, together with Petra Benes, being the Secretary-Treasurer.

As one of the 6 Master Minds managing our collective on core-responsibilities, I am responsible for expanding our Generous Money network of impact driven financiers in The Netherlands and abroad. And further develop our unique Integrated Capital Labs proposition in which we support entrepreneurs with lasting integrated financial support.

On a client level I support entrepreneurs in my role as ‘Producer of Generous Money (PoGM)’ matching them with the ideal mix of impact driven financiers, giving them the financial means for their current and future growth stages. The client cases that get the best out of myself are often the most complex financing challenges, which are grand, complex or very risky. Client cases like Speak See, Makers Unite, Innolane, Brainscan and NXT Grid to name of few.

On a client level I support entrepreneurs in my role a ‘Producer of Good Business (PoGB)’, being a trusted partner, that empowers the entrepreneur with Generous Minds experts, for their current and future organizational challenges. The entrepreneurs Thami Schweichler of Makers Unite, and Jari Hazelebach of Speak See have stolen my heart, both being very professional and driven entrepreneurs with a great vision and resilience, dedicated to grow their company for the sake of a better world.

Besides being a professional warrior on a mission, in my private life I enjoy living in Amsterdam in my ‘little paradise’ in the center of Amsterdam, living together with my wife Sabine. Enjoying from each other … and from nature as amateur 'bird watchers'.

My name was supposed to be Frank. But because I was expected to die after being born 3 months early, my parents decided to name me Ronald, so that their future son could still be named Frank. However, Frank is history, I decide to be here to stay ;-).

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