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Denise Krul

Head hunter for impact-driven organizations

What I do

I help organizations find the right person who best fits the organizational phase and its challenges. I look for the candidate with the X-factor. I will always go the extra mile

How I help customers

Because of my own experiences as an entrepreneur, I know what kind of people are needed at different stages of growth. I look for the top person in the market who best suits the organization in the phase it is in. In doing so, I always look beyond what the organization thinks is needed

Number of sample deliverables

- Clarity about where the company/entrepreneur stands (for)
- Clarity about what is needed for the course and for the next step
- A clear picture of what and who are needed for this
- The right people suited to this phase of this enterprise

Example customers

Nextkidney, Parkinson NL, Triodos, UTZ, Epyon, De Onderlingen, Barry Callebaut, Hersenstichting, Hartstichting, Steunfonds Laatste Wil


About me

With my experience as an entrepreneur in the textile and fashion industry (15 years of FRESH! Collection), I know what it's like to be an entrepreneur. The sweet way was fun, the hard way was the most instructive. The lessons I have learned make me a valuable interlocutor for entrepreneurs struggling with various challenges associated with specific phases of the growth process.

I am critical, but always with compassion for the entrepreneur: after all, it is quite something to steer an organization through all kinds of weather to its next port. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our GDP and we should be careful with them. I will do everything I can to help them with the challenges they face.

I combine a number of seemingly opposite traits in me: logic and creativity, business with a warm heart, listening and speaking, numbers and letters, language and images, long-term vision and practical solutions. People who know me well will describe me as authentic, creative, feisty but also warm. A go-getter with a 'Can Do' mentality: ask Denise and it will be taken care of.

My promises: energy, a critical eye and a good dose of humor.

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