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Jurek Hryniuk

Financial Expert, Member of Generous Money team

What I do

I support the financing process of social enterprises to help them create impact for people and the planet

How I help customers

Companies that are in need of funding lose a lot of time and money on finding the right investment partner that fits their needs and DNA. I support companies by preselecting investment partners that are suitable, reach out to see if they are interested in the particular company and am involved until the financial closing

Number of sample deliverables

- Overview of suitable investment partners for client
- Contacting suitable investment partners for clients
- Support until financial closing

Example customers

SolarDew, Nextgrid, Wavepiston, Resilient Island, Lokalist, SpeakSee, Innolane, VaVersa


About me

In June '22 I graduated from the Business Economics Bachelor program at Maastricht University. After this I decided I want to pursue my professional career in the impact investment environment. Throughout my studies in Maastricht, I have developed a robust set of skills related closely to finance,
which is my major.

At the same time my worldview has firmly shaped, and I am not indifferent towards a variety of contemporary issues. To start. with, I have become vegan as a stance against animal cruelty as well as climate change, which for me is one of the most urgent issuesto tackle by humanity. Thus, I have been actively involved in volunteer work for FoodCoop Maastricht, which is an organisation that strives to promote and deliver local, plastic free and affordable vegetables to the community. Additionally, as I always try to stand by those who are vulnerable and in need, I have been an active member of another organisation called Refugee Project Maastricht. It operates with the local refugee center and helps immigrants in Maastricht with a variety of issues, all targeted at improving their well-being and smooth integration with local environment.

Working in the field of finance yet combined with creating social value is my overarching career goal.
At Generous Minds I found the perfect place to combine these goals, as I support social enterprises that make a difference in our world with finding needed funding to realize their impact.

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