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Pablo Groglopo

Circular Design Strategist

What I do

I support companies that want to offer sustainable products and services with developing their innovation design strategy, allowing sustainable business models for a flourishing society

How I help customers

Companies that are overwhelmed by the possibilities with regard to circular design, I help with building a clear product innovation roadmap, support in execution of this roadmap and by training the team to become autonomous in circular design

Number of sample deliverables

- Circular Strategy: Full portfolio of products assessment -> innovation roadmap
- Sustainable Product Journey Mapping
- Circular Design Sprint: A series of co-creation sessions from insights to prototypes
- Systems Mapping: Let’s visualize what is going on
- Structural (3D) packaging design
- Educating product / innovation teams on circular design

Example customers

Unilever Hellmann’s, Minibrew, P&G, OysterHeaven, University Buenos Aires,


About me

I help clients draw the plant to meet their goals with the available resources. I focus on Circular Products and Services and I Believe in Systems Change as a way to assess how a brand can successfully create positive impact. From over a decade of experience in Lead FMCG brands, Packaging Design, Engineering, Experience Design, Concept Creation, Project management, Workshop facilitations, co-creation sessions, business mindset, you can expect from me a partner Mind and a helping hand to address your goals. Always focused on sustainable decisions.

Key areas of my expertise:
Sustainability | Systemic Design, Circular Economy.
User Experience UX | Brand Experiences, Value Propositions, Strategic Innovation Roadmaps.
Design Management | Design Thinking, Project Lead, Co-Creation Workshops.
Design Engineering | Product Design, Packaging Design, CAD 3D modelling.

Everyday we make impact on our future.
Let's connect and design it sustainably!

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