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Sabine Beuk

Commercial Trainer & Advisor

What I do

I train and support good business to build their commercial foundation and scale their societal impact

How I help customers

Companies struggling to achieve high impact and growth goals with Founders/MT who have too many projects on their plate to take Marketing & Sales to the next professional level themselves, I support as a commercial trainer, interim manager and consultant

Number of sample deliverables

- Optimized Customer Journey - Backlog of data-driven experiments
- Derisked risky assumptions
- Optimized website
- Optimized Sales collateral
- Optimized way of working for team
- Training in Selling from Authenticity, LinkedIn sales, CRM Mgt, Account Mgt, Growth Hacking

Example customers

Nierstichting, Nextkidney, Vini Mini, Tiny Library, TMI, The Social Handshake, Solar Dew, Soulkitchen, Stichting DON, Young Colfield, STILL, Giftshift, Kingdom of Wow, Growth Tribe, Bohemian Birds, Succes Fou, CrossOver


About me

Nice to meet you!

After a 3-year training in working with my intuition, I started to believe we all want to 'do good' and make the world a better place. The big question remains how you translate this into your day to day professional- & personal life.

Together with like-minded entrepreneurs, consultants and investors I therefore joined Generous Minds, a collective that integrates Money & Minds to support the long term success of good business. I’m grateful to be part of this unique collective and translate my desire of doing good into my day to day work.

About me
After finalizing my Bachelor Organizational Science, a minor IBA in Shanghai and my Master Entrepreneurship & Innovation, I started working for 3 companies as a freelancer, Bohemian Birds (Travel Agency), Succes Fou (Start-up Accelerator) and CrossOver (Bottom-up Design Thinking for enterprises). In these years I’ve been working very closely with the founders of these companies, which has allowed me to develop my capabilities in entrepreneurship, innovation, sales, partnerships and marketing.

After working with these great teams, my passion for learning brought me to Growth Tribe, where I further developed my commercial skills. Growth Tribe is an academy that tries to solve the current Digital Skills gap and teach society technological skills (Growth Hacking, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning) that can help them grow their organization. When I joined in 2018, we were with 25 people, during my time at Growth Tribe we grew to 120 within 2 years. 4 years later I am happy that I was part of their ‘blitz scaling journey’. It was fun, insightful and at the same time hard and challenging. Here I developed my Marketing & Sales skills to a next level and created my own way of doing sales, ‘Selling from Authenticity’.

Today, I am happy to train and consult good business in Marketing & Sales to build their commercial foundation and scale their societal impact 🌏

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