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Njord Pattiasina

Interim director / CEO

What I do

I help companies build their foundation and scale by overseeing the whole organization, and moving the organization in the right direction as an interim director / CEO

How I help customers

Companies that want to launch a new proposition and/or are in need of an interim director I support during 0.5-3 year assignments. Besides this I support impact oriented companies find the right investment partners

Number of sample deliverables

- Efficiently managing the company
- Happy team
- Bringing a new proposition to market
- Funding

Example customers

Innolane, Nextkidney, Alliander, Rabobank, Dynamo, Nudge NL, TheSocialMedwork, Berenschot


About me

I am an entrepreneurial director with a keen eye for people. I combine a solid base as management consultant with extensive executive experience in the startup/social enterprise world.

I was commercial director of a successful healthcare platform and managing director of the largest sustainability platform in the Netherlands (both funded by impact investors).

Now I am setting up a new startup on behalf of Alliander (through Krachtwerk), to reduce the shortage of technical labor capacity for the energy transition.

With Generous Minds I support social enterprises who are looking for funding together with the Generous Money team.

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