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Aart van den Bos

International Innovative Agriculture Expert

What I do

I train, advise, coach entrepreneurs, impact investors, NGO’s, governments in innovation in agricultural business amongst others through leading by example (setting up own companies)

How I help customers

Clients that lack knowledge, experience and network in sustainable innovation, I help to retrieve insights on Climate Smart Agriculture and Regenerative Agriculture

Number of sample deliverables

- Innovation scoping report
- Business plan / Feasibility report
- Insights on sustainable innovation by coaching sessions
- Access to Network
- Funding (Impact investors / grants)

Example customers

Salt Farm Texel, The Gambia Growth, NextGrid , Impact Booster , Local2Local , Bodemzicht , USAF , Partners4Water , Anti Malaria Drones, Invisible Foods


About me

Am passionate about my wife, children and I feel responsible for their future and future generations. I enjoy working with people from all over the world and learn from other cultures. Through my network I can connect many people & organisations to contribute to a more regenerative future. Generous Minds is an amazing collective of very bright people who have a similar objective in life. Am proud of the various innovative impactful companies that I established over time and all the companies that I could share my knowledge, experience with.
Being home or traveling with my family is very important to me. However, I also like soccer, scubadiving in beautiful places, playing golf or just hangout and drink a beer with friends are the things in life that I highly appreciate.

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