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Raoul Kuiper

Creative brand strategist / Certified Storybrand Guide

What I do

I help you clarify your brand message and grow your business with a simple and effective marketing approach

How I help customers

Companies that are launching their brand, addressing a new target market or have difficulty with growing their existing portfolio, I support with workshops and execution support to create a crystal clear brand story (Storybrand) that will lead to more conversions

Number of sample deliverables

- A clear brand story formulated in a brand script
- A clear and effective tag line
- Wireframes for your website
- Lead generator

Example customers

Valor, Cultura Nederland, TMI Academy, Hacked_by, Studio JUX, De Stressontknoping, Invisible Foods, Make'm, Route-ine, Mpowerment, Oyster Heaven


About me

In 1993 ‘the Internet’ came into my life. Sticked around after a traineeship at DDB Worldwide and soon founded TRIBAL DDB AMSTERDAM. Was creative director with a team of 23 doing online activation strategies for clients like McDonalds, Volkswagen, Achmea, Bavaria and Philips. Got awarded 12 times. Most proud of the CANNES CYBERLION. Did voluntary work in Togo and Ghana. Sold Tribal Amsterdam to travel the world with my wife and daughter. Did over 120 dives of which THE BLUE HOLE was the best and getting my cave dive licence the scariest.

This quote changed my life: “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then i realised i am somebody”. Started Nobla advertising, a brand activation agency for sustainable brands. No bla bla and noble because brands are known for the good they do, not what they say. Solo hiked up and down the Netherlands six times by now while wildcamping. I’m less than 120 km away from hiking 2300 km’s to Nice along the GR5.

Quit Nobla to build CLEANUPTOGETHER, a platform to raise awareness about litter & organise beach cleanups. Joined GENEROUS MINDS as co-owner in 2015 to help social enterprises to grow. Swapped my BMW Cabriolet for trains and shared e-scooters. Bought three cows from a FARMER to ‘crowdbutch’. Why? Look the cow in the eye, and you will eat less meat. Made a SHORT DOCUMENTARY about it. Initiated local voluntary organisation ‘ELK GOOISCH MATRAS KOMT VAN PAS’ to collect and give away furniture to refugees; helped them grow their skills and find jobs. Became a beekeeper with 100.000 bees. I try to take profile pictures not too serious. Got hooked to BLOCKCHAIN. sucking info on how this third internet revolution can bring more good to the world. I pick up cigarette butts that my friends keep throwing away grrrr! I try to prevent my kids from buying cheap shit. My friends call me ‘Groen Links Lul’ and i’m proud of that. Also part of the Karmabrothers, an advertising agency doing campaigns for sustainable brands.

As a Certified Storybrand Guide I can help you clarify your message .

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