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Fer Kitzen

CRM expert, Business Intelligence Manager

What I do

I help companies prepare for efficient growth by integrating a CRM system to allow a data-driven way of working and decision making

How I help customers

Clients that are in need of basing their decisions on data instead of mainly gutfeeling, improving their scalability by automation and stimulation of growth, I help by integrating the right CRM system and train the team how they can effectively use this autonomously

Number of sample deliverables

- CRM system that functions as a single source of truth
- One source of data for strategic decision making
- Automatisation in place to save you time
- You can use your CRM system effectively and autonomously

Example customers

TMI, Valor, Mavim, Croan Consult, Meltwater, Growth Tribe


About me

Throughout the years I have been strategically building a career profile as a commercial force. One who does not work in silo’s but is able to align an internal organization with the journeys of customers.
Based on the skillsets and capabilities that I recognized as being vital, though often missing, I shaped a “full package” skill/capabilities set in order to run a commercial department and started gaining experience in those fields.

My skills and capabilities are in the following fields:
(Digital) Marketing
Growth Mindset
Sales Operations
Data/Business Insights
Commercial Strategy
Behavioral Psychology

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