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Petra Benes

International growth specialist, Generous Money

What I do

I help social enterprises internationalize and attract the right impact financiers for their next phases of growth

How I help customers

Companies that lack knowledge of internationalization that prevents them from reaching their goals, I support with consult and as a sparring partner to save them money and time. Besides this I support companies in finding the right impact investors that fit their DNA

Number of sample deliverables

- Internationalization plan from A-Z
- Selecting international partners
- Cultural advice for international teams
- Attracting the right Impact Investors
- Optimized pitch deck
- Investment Strategy

Example customers

Oyster Heaven, For Valor, Kingdom of WOW, Landcent, NABC, Paper on the Rocks, Billie Wonder, SolarDew, De Lokalist, VaVersa, Tiny Library, OOPKOP, Ekomenu, BOON, Hacked by_, NXT Grid, en nog veel meer


About me

In 2019, I joined forces with Generous Minds because you can achieve so much more together. Teamwork makes the dream work. The change in the world I would like to see is that impact businesses dominate economies everywhere and that companies that put profits before the planet eventually die out. My contribution to this vision is to help social enterprises internationalize. Scaling their impact from local to global. Turning do-gooders into do-gooders! I have been working internationally myself since 1994 and I enjoy few things more than speaking other languages, getting to know new cultures and bridging the cultural differences that exist in international business and forging successful partnerships. But that's not all I do....

I'm also a member of the Generous Money team, which helps social enterprises find the right investors. A very different field from internationalizing but certainly with similarities: you help find the right partner, try to bridge the differences between entrepreneur and investor and forge successful partnerships. When that succeeds, I cheer as loudly as the entrepreneur I got to know well during that whole process and whose impact I know is very good.

Want to learn more? Ask me!

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