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Anneke Wieling

Experienced CEO/CFO, Business Generalist with Finance expertise

What I do

I support companies as a business generalist (CEO/CFO) to optimize processes, systems, and working methods so they are ready for growth.

How I help customers

Entrepreneurs who need knowledge and experience in optimizing business processes, reporting, people management, and running their business efficiently, I help by being a coach and sparring partner.

Number of sample deliverables

- Financial models, scenario analysis
- Plan to provide structure for efficient business operations
- Support in the execution of this plan

Example customers

Makers Unite, TMI Academy, Kingdom of Wow


About me

I am always looking for improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of processes to make life and work easier. My goal is to bring an organization up to speed with the growth and ambitions of the idea behind it. My talent lies in creating teams and understanding what teams need to bring the organization in sync with its purpose. Organizing finances, internal control, and timely management information, combined with creating the right management team structure and ensuring that people are all working in areas that energize them!

I have worked as an external accountant, Financial Controller, CFO, and even as a CEO in various sectors and sizes of organizations. From global corporates to small and medium-sized enterprises, from owner of an outdoor store to manager of a consultancy firm. I have experience in manufacturing in FMCG, industrial products, distribution, logistics, and retail. As manager of a consultancy firm, I combine consulting with managerial tasks, which is a great way to keep my experience relevant and up-to-date. Generous Minds connects my desire to do something good with what I bring to the table, namely the experience I have gained in almost 30 years of working in companies in the Netherlands and beyond.

Thanks to that experience and the consulting experience I have within Protiviti, I can truly make a difference in organizations that work for more than just profit, organizations that create social impact. I genuinely believe in the power of people to create their own destiny if given the opportunity, and the chance for me to help the social enterprises that Generous Minds supports is a fantastic way to contribute to this.

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